VRHotwires Tracks Menu


version 2.0

The tracks Menu in VRH 2.0 has just 2 items 

Movie in a movie tracks 


Skin Tracks..

The idea of the tracks menu is to have a creation and deep editing tool for every track type in quicktime someday.

Movie info will have tabs for every track type too, but they will not service a deeper track creation and editing
capability. That's for the tracks menu.

I spent months on a new text track creation and wiring tool that isn't in 2.0.I've only kept
the polished stuff...

Also flash track authoring will be looked at in the future and wiring made easy.

for now the 2 track tools are very powerful:

This is very simple to use 

just open a paint package and make 2 black shapes.

the first is the shape of your movie. Skins allow you to make any shape
movie you want. Say a fish.

The second image is often the same as the first with parts of it erased.

So we make a copy of our black fish (these are basic black images)

and erase everything but the tail.

Now we open say, a qtvr pano.

use the tool to choose the two shapes we've made.

our qtvr will be mapped onto the fish and we will be able to pan it.

except for the tail, where we will be able to drag it.


This tool is heavily in debt to Tim Monroe who writes apple's sample code.

In truth, it is largely here so that I can play with movie-in-a-movie and learn it better.

to use it, have a movie open. Now press go and select the movie.

the new movie should play inside the old one, regardless of timeline.

When the radio butoon for 'URL or Local Files' is on local files you are 
making a movie that will work on your computer right away.

if it is set to url, you can type in the url of a movie to embed it.

vrh allows script like


which allows a parent to load and target children.

 MovieTrackAddChildMovie 1 "http://www.vrhotwires.com/Bill_Meikle/music/72931.mov" TrackIndex=2
 MovieTrackLoadChildMovie 1 TrackIndex=2