version 2.0


In Vrhotwires it's quite easy to work with sound tracks which are played when you roll over or click on the pano's hotspots. I call these soundlabels.

Here's an example. I made this pano over in victoria. if you want to hear a sound label
click on one of the three hotspots.

There are limitations to this technique, because you're using the movie's time, (which means it's tricky to do other things in the same movie like say... play an animation) as such we need to make an asynch sound labels 
tool that uses miam, but for now we are using the timeline.

All the tracks are stored in a single file, so the movie will play well locally and from CD as well as on the web... without having to worry about referencing other movies by url... as a result performance is also instant as the sound is built in.

If your narrations are fairly small this can be a very useful feature...

Start by  downloading  singlenode.mov
also grab voiceover.mov

Steps to make the demo: ( finished.mov )

-open vrhotwires.
-drag the pano onto the window to open it.
-under the TOOLS menu choose 'sound labels'
-Now drag the 'voiceover1.mov ' onto the pano.
-Enter hotspot 1
(remember, if you need to find out a pano's hotspot numbers,
under the 'views' menu choose 'realtime data' window.(or press command 'h' for hotwires) This will show us the hotspot numbers as we roll over them... )

-Press 'Add' to add the sound label actions to your movies.

The hotspot should now work.

When you add the second voiceover,enter your new hotspot number, say 'Add' and
it too should be added to the list. 

the other two sound movies are here: 


voice 3

we're using hotspots number 1 2 and 3 in the pano. 

programming notes

Each time you add a new sound label, vrhotwires looks for all other sound labels.
It does this by reading the comments, ("vrhsoundlabel") so don't delete them!

then it changes the script of every sound label to include the new track and adds a new one...

One thing that's different than with playing linear video tracks is that we don't need to 'turn them off' when they're finished playing. Sound tracks can just run wild, leaving the movie in a 'not rewound' state....

The performance is quite good, and these are very useful sometimes. This tool now tartgets the tracks by name too, which makes the movies far more editable as their creation progresses further... (ie:you can cut out a track and the index target will not break.)