version 2.0


In Vrhotwires it's quite easy to work with text tracks which are enabled when you roll over or click on the pano's hotspots.

I call these 'text labels'...

Small messages in the controller might be better for short bits of text, but
if you have a lot to say, a text label might be the way to go.

Steps to make the demo: (finished.mov)

-open vrhotwires.
-drag the pano onto the window to open it.
-under the TOOLS menu choose 'text labels'

Now we want to add our four messages to the four hotspots in the movie.

(First, how do we know the hotspot numbers?
under the 'views' menu choose 'realtime data' window.(or press command 'h' for hotwires) This will show us the hotspot numbers as we roll over them... )

-type in the first message: "this is the sunny room"
-add the hotspot number (1)
-press 'OK' and that's that.

Note: the track should appear as enabled. Now drag over the hotspot, and out of it, and the track
will disappear. Make sure you do this before you save... ie: always make sure all the labels are invisible when you save the movie.

Repeat this 3 times for the three other hotspots and messages and you're done.

Deleting, and altering tracks:
But what if we don't like the color, or the shape of the track...
Well let's delete a text label:
-open the movie info window.
-in the list of track select the text track.
-go to the second tab where there's a 'delete' item.
-press the radio button.

The sizer can allow you to move and stretch the tracksize of your text label.

After pressing to position the track, drag the sizer to where you want it to go.
The image will follow.

Don't forget to press 'done' when you've finished re-positioning.

Programming notes:


This means if you cut out one track, all the scripts don’t suddenly start targetting a wrong track by index...