version 2.0


Simple "WaterMark" logo in a Pano:

What I call 'watermarks' should more properly be called logos or prescreen images or something...

We're talking about the little images that have been customary in television, especially in Europe, for a few years, in the bottom right hand corner...
With this tool open, images you drop onto the pano are automatically placed in the bottom right corner. They are ‘stuck to the windshield’ rather than part of the pano itself.
These prescreen images are commonly used in VR...usually to show the logo of the photographer...

They can even be added and created using just qt player...and a video track.

But with a little wiring we can add a couple of features... like the ability to turn the logo off when it's clicked. On slow machines, disabling the track makes the panning much faster... don't worry we'll turn it back on every time the movie opens...

....also, the ability to show a settings track. This'll come in handy later when your viewers complain that swings are too slow or too fast. They can set the speed themselves...

Finallly, you might want to make the watermark sprite take you to
your home page when it's clicked... a natural thing for a logo to do.. After all, if your pano is circulating on the web, why not make it act as interactive advertising for your site? Or your client’s site.

...all of this is easy from the watermarks tool.

Steps to make the demo: (finished.mov)

-open vrhotwires.
-drag the pano onto the window to open it.
-under the TOOLS menu choose 'Watermark'
-drag the image onto the pano.
you should see the image.
-click 'dark blend' to make the image see through. (try light blend too, to see what it does...)
the image should change to a translucent state...
-click 'make the watermark disappear when clicked'
now, if you click the image it will disappear (and the speed of panning will increase to normal,
because the track is turned off) You can turn it back on using the movie info window.
-choose 'save as'

The sizer can allow you to move and stretch the tracksize of your watermark.

After pressing to position the image, drag the sizer to where you want it to go.
The image will follow.

Don't forget to press 'done' when you've finished re-positioning.