Image Labels

Image labels

are very much like text labels but they allow you to use special graphics. They can be used to put maps and diagrams up...

in the example I use them to put erics name up if you drag over the tree.


After you press add you can check your hotspot in the main movie and it’ll have the image label. If you check the script window with ‘command r’ you’ll see how these are done.

Image labels in vrhotwires 2.0 no longer use sprite tracks. The track is created as a video track so it can be compressed in any way at all. I would probably use qt player to do this, extract track, export with a new compression, delete and add the track (keep the name of the track the same! )

Also devising ways to do these labels with flash has proven pretty successful.

So what are the advantages to the image label tool? It’s finished, it’s easy, and it’s in front of you. The fact that

Let me know if you want me to add a preference to create the images labels as sprites.
Working when the image label track is a sprite has some interesting possibilities. For example if your label is made visible on mouse click, you could program the mouse enter state to show some text, or something. It’s a label but it’s a sprite so you can make it do things on mousedown, up, enter, and exit...Perhaps when it is enabled it should spin once or fade into view. All of these things are possible because it is a sprite. Perhaps while it is enabled you want it to spin in 3d. Sprites can give this effect by stretching...

Have fun!