Working With VRH Transitions  


Here is a pano with 2 nodes.

Right now it is wired to make you jump between nodes when you click
but that's all. We want to explore ways to make the transition between the nodes more interesting.  

A first way of doing a transition between those nodes would be to
increase the fov in an idle loop.

That would look like this:

That was made with the vrh transtion tool on the 'swing'


Another way of doing it would be to use qt effects:

here's a zoom using an effect.

You can choose between a lot of different realtime qt effects.
This one does an explode one way and implode the other way.

Finally there is a linear video transitions.

In vrh you drop the transition movie in between the two
panos in the tool.

click here
to open the 2 nodes above with no wiring. Save it to your desktop
and try it in vrh...

The two linear (badly compressed) transitions are here and here .

If you want to think critically about transitions it's good to look at other people's work.
As a self-criticism I know that my transitions above are a bit crude.

Greg Downing did this great transition in Canoma. I think he shows that
an elegent segue between the photographic and 3d modelled world  is possible.

Paul Carter's great transitions are done in html mostly. He only does his labels in vrh.
These were done with a steady cam and are very very nice. Another and another
Computer simulated  and another

Peter Murphy did a great transition in Shockwave.

Photographic with a Steadicam