version 2.0


Pano animations are a lot of fun.

Drag a small image onto the vr with this window open and you’ll get a sizer track. drag the sizer track to where you want it and press ‘lock sprite to panTiltZoom’

Now your image should be stuck to the pano. This means if you pan it will stay over a certain part of the pano.

If you drag a video track onto the pano now it will become mapped onto the sprite.

There are some durations of video track that may cause troubles. For example if the video track is shorter than the qtvr track, a white window will show for a second on each looping. You can get around this using
SetMovieSelection and PlayMovieSelection... and looping within the short selection...simplest to just make an animation that’s a bit longer than the qtvr track...

You may want to use a transparent or alpha channeled graphics mode to get part of the sprite to be invisible.

Track background color, sprite graphics mode, and track graphics mode have an effect.

To change sprite gfx mode go to the movie info panel and select the sprite tab. select your sprite track and sprite. Now set the graphics mode with the popup and color swatch.

You may also want to change graphics mode of the sprite track.This can be done from the front panel of the movie info window. Remember this is a sprite in a full window sized sprite track, so a background color has to be keyed...


This document attempts to explain, how you can alter a pano animation script
generated by vrhotwires to
position the animation, size it, and move the screen (to fly a bird through
a pano etc.)

Here is a script for a typical pano animation:



A first thing to note is that your movie's window size is in the equation.
If your pano size doesn't match these numbers in the script, the sprite
won't lock as well.

Try changing lines 4 and 5 where this one says 500 and 300 . This one is set
for a 500*300 pano.

If your movie has a sprite controller or other track along the bottom, this
should be the size of the
pano region.
On Idle Sprite 1

//vrh1.0-pano animation idle script
SpriteTrackSetVariable 4013 theQTVRPanAngle+811.684
SpriteTrackSetVariable 4014 Variable[4013]div360
SpriteTrackSetVariable 4014
SpriteTrackSetVariable 4011
SpriteTrackSetVariable 4012
SpriteTrackSetVariable 4006 60.2031/theQTVRFieldOfView
SpriteSetMatrix 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 SpriteIndex=1
SpriteScale Variable[4006] Variable[4006] SpriteIndex=1
SpriteTranslate Variable[4011] Variable[4012] true



To move this pano animation to the right or left, I change the first line.

SpriteTrackSetVariable 4013 theQTVRPanAngle+811.684

making 811 into say, 900 would move the pano animation to the right, and
making it 750 would move it to the left.

this one is a little odd, the values kind of loop sometimes...probably every

To move this pano animation up or down , I change the fifth line.

SpriteTrackSetVariable 4012

change -9.84547 into -1 or +5 to move it up, and -15 to move it down.

To mess with the FOV you can change the 4th line

SpriteTrackSetVariable 4011

.66 can be moved up and down to .75 and .60 for better locking sometimes...


Something changed about three months ago and the scaling is now enlarged.
To fix that I'm now just subtracting bits from variable[4066] in line 6

SpriteTrackSetVariable 4006 60.2031/theQTVRFieldOfView


SpriteTrackSetVariable 4006 (60.2031/theQTVRFieldOfView)-0.8

where 0.8 is the amount of scale I want knocked off...


I've had some luck moving the screen by just adding an increasing offset to
the SpriteTranslate

SpriteTranslate Variable[4011]+variable[123] Variable[4012] true
SpriteTrackSetVariable 123 variable[123]+0.5

There is a problem at zero that would need some extra code to handle....(if
I remember)